Styling Culottes

Culottes are something that I absolute love. You can really dress them up and wear them for a night out, but equally you can tone it done and style them just as easily during the day.

This was the outfit I wore to the Madame LA LA Press Event. I wanted to go for something casual and comfy yet a little more ‘dressier’ than just jeans. Culottes were my first answer. I’ve had this pink pair for a while and I think they look absolutely perfect at this time of year. Breaching into spring I always like a to add a few pastels to my wardrobe but with the British weather it’s always still a bit chilly. Culottes give me the ability to dress to the season without having face the cold and bring my legs out just yet. I find them flattering and can almost go with anything.



An over sized jacket is always a winner and there’s always something about a warn in vintage jacket that just looks so much better than a brand new one. This one was the brands press one but never the less I absolutely loved wearing it. The letters on the back really give it such a cool feel. I’m also totally obsessed with the not actually wearing the jacket trend and just having it on my shoulders.


White shoes are such a staple for me at this time of year they just make everything that little bit more ‘summery’. I don’t know why but I just love them. My Stan Smiths are well worn and I seriously need to get some more. I always wore them for practical reasons as I knew I would be on my feet all day and equally they would make my outfit look that bit more casual.

I decided to go for a causal top and think this looks perfect with the culottes. Grey is literally the colour for me and shamefully it probably makes up half my wardrobe. It’s just so versatile and there’s so many shades of it, ok I admit have a serious grey issue, but can you ever have too much grey?


The flowers outside Fenwick were just so beautiful I couldn’t resist getting a shot but how bloody annoying is that water bottle on the floor. Again over sized jackets are definitely my thing right now. This vintage Levis one is actually my dads but I’ve got so much use out of it. I love how it fits on me, it’s not too over sized and again so versatile I could wear it with anything. Expect I don’t think I’m brave enough for break the denim on denim yet.

Culottes: No longer stocked in Zara but here’s a similar pair

Top: Jack Wills, but no longer stocked

Trainers: Adidas Stan Smiths

Jacket: Vintage Levis- similar 

H xxx


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  1. I absolutely adore those pink culottes. They look so pretty on you and the shade is just beautiful, perfect for spring! And that outfit is my favourite omg! Makes me want to buy a denim jacket! x

  2. I have a pair of pink culottes and they were the first thing I reached for when the weather started getting warmer. Like you said, they’re perfect for spring xx

  3. Loved this. You looked amazing and your style is beautiful. I’ve never acutly worn culottes but I may just have to give them a try. I am the same as you having to much grey in my wardrobe but really it just goes with everything.

  4. I love culottes but to be honest I’m always nervous about pulling them off! They look stunning on you though and I like be the colour of them. X


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