#GirlsActive Why Should you do Sport?

The team from The Youth Sports Trust asked if I wanted to get involved in their Girls Active Campaign. Of course I said yes, if you know me you know I love sport and would love to promote it to others.

So there is a big gap with girls in secondary school aged 11-14 being involved in sport. With factors such as self confidence, lack of support and worries girls are often drawn away from sport and tend to focus on other things such as boys and makeup.( Yes we all know what those teenage years were like!) With all the other exciting things of growing up sport often starts to get forgotten about.

‘Sport doesn’t have to be unenjoyable because you are a girl.’

As long as I can remember sport has always been a massive part of my life. I have always love exercising and at a young age I threw myself into everything I could. I’ve loved my whole sporting journey and I’m so thankful for my experiences, without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

So you want to know how to get, clearer skin, increase body confidence, better fitness and happiness. Well your answer is sport. Sport provides us with so much that we are unaware of. Recently I’ve just got back into Sport after having two major knee surgeries, oh my god have I missed it? I forgot how good half an hour of exercise can make you feel both physically and mentally. I have made some incredible friends that I would of never made without being engaged in sport and I am so thankful for that.

For me sport is my time to relax. A chance to get away from everything and immerse yourself in something else. Giving myself a new focus and a new goal to aim for away from education. As much as I love it sport doesn’t have to be full of adrenaline and competitiveness if that’s not for you there are so many chances without that. It gives a chance to escape and put your concentration into something else. Through sport you can express creativity and learn new talents you didn’t know you had.

‘You can do anything you put your mind to’

If you think sport just isn’t for you then try and widen your oppositions, there’s so many things to get involved in like dancing, football, athletics or even rowing or martial arts. The list is endless. I am a firm believer in there  is a sport out there for everyone. Not everyone likes the same things and it’s all about finding out what you like best. If your friends like something it doesn’t mean you will.


I’ve had the best experiences from Sport and I would love all of you to have the chance to experience those things too. To visit the Girls Active website click here and remember to follow their instagram @girls_active .

So if you haven’t given sport a try I highly recommend you do it, even if it’s joining a class at the gym. The opportunities are endless, don’t miss out.

H xxx

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  1. I used to play hockey and rounders at school but I haven’t really done much sport at all sinc I left! I definitely agree that it’s important though xx

  2. I always felt like I was one of those girls because of my insecurities but now it’s something that is so incredible and amazing to keep you happy and motivated. I love this post, it’s so nice to see you be apart of things that will help encourage other girls to feel worth it and that they can be amazing at sports too if they try! xx

  3. I’ve really been trying to make more of a effort to be more active and keep up with the gym, this post just spurs me on even more! 💕

  4. This post is so true and very important! I used to love sports as a kid but have gotten out of them as I’ve got older. I should really try hard to play some more now! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  5. very motivating post! I used to row for two years and I forgot what it feels like to be that fit! Need to get back into some form of exercise haha x

  6. Such a great post. I personally hate organised sport and prefer to exercise alone (nothing to do with being female, just that my co-ordination is pants!) but I definitely agree with your message. Sport is not about gender, it is about having fun! Great, thought-provoking piece.
    chloe || http://www.chloealicelily.co.uk

  7. This was very interesting to read from the other perspective. I’ve never ever really been one for sports, always being the one to say they can’t do PE because of their period every week 😬 However, as I’ve gotten older the benefits are definitely obvious to me now!

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