Banana Pancakes

After the success of my Sweet Potato Brownies I thought I would bring another healthy alternative. This one I’ve been making for years and I’m still impressed with it again and again.

So this is made from two ingredients. Yes TWO. Grab yourself a banana and two eggs then you’re good to go. This makes them packed with protein and also low fat, couldn’t be a more perfect start for your day. Breakfast is something that most of us miss but with this simple recipe you can have something yummy, healthy and quick!

Simply mix the two together and that’s it. You don’t even need a blender or anything I literally just used a fork. I then cooked them for a few minutes each side until they were golden brown, stacked them on my plate the tucked in.


So the real question is do these taste like pancakes? And unfortunately they don’t quite as they have quite a bit of a banana taste so if you’re not a fan of bananas then these aren’t quite for you but I still think these are a great alternative. You can’t quite beat a real pancake but these definitely have such a similar texture and taste almost as good.

Only thing that is a little difficult with these is flipping them over. They are a lot more ‘liquidy’ and delicate, so flipping them without breaking is often hard. To get the perfect pancake I would recommend making them small and cooking for a longer period on a lower heat to try and get the top half to ‘cook’ a little so it isn’t as messy. So excuse my photo attempt as these aren’t really the most instagramable.

Top them with whatever you want, for me it always has to be golden syrup and blueberries. Nothing quite beats it. If you’ve got any left overs, chuck them in the mircrowave for about 30 seconds and they taste as good as fresh.

Let me know if you try these and what your favorite breakfast is!

H xxx


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  1. These look so good! I’m a bit of a pancake addict, I haven’t made Banana pancakes in so long and my baby can have them too! Shes allergic to milk so this is the perfect alternative!x

  2. I would love these! I love bananas so I can imagine how great they would taste. I really want to try out a few healthy style meals! and your photography still looks incredibly cute! xx

    1. Yes sometimes they go a bit soggy, but often I find them fluffy in the middle. Sometimes I’ll put an extra half a banana or a couple of spoons of flour if I need to!

  3. I make these too when I want a quick snack/breakfast! They are so easy to make and I think they taste great! You’re photos were lovel, I think you could definitely instagram them! Great post! xx

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