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So recently with all the stress of exams and assignments my skin has completely broken out. Shamefully I’ve never been one to have a full skincare routine, but with my recent outbreak I had to try and find something to tackle it.

Every morning and night I’ve been applying the Simple replenishing moisturiser, this has just helped give my skin that extra bit of moisture but without making it greasy. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a thick moisturiser, for someone reason I just don’t agree with it so this is so light weight and perfect for me. I also love to use this all over my face just before I apply my makeup for a more even finish.

Having combination skin is such a pain and to help sort out my more oily areas I have been using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Gel Moussant. I apply this in my t zone and rub it in until it becomes dry and I feel like this has made such a difference with reducing the number of spots in that area and making it less oily. For treatment on individual spots I’ve bee using Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream, this claims to reduce your spots size and redness in 4 hours. I’ve used many of these ‘quick treatment’ spot fixes before and this has to be up there with my favourtie the Soap& Glory Dr Spot. I do see a visible difference in my spots after using them and especially applying this on new spots make them disappear in literally a day.


Something that I’ve been applying to my problem areas has been the Rituals purifying body scrub. Yes body scrub, I know, but this makes my skin so soft and also cleanses it. I love applying this to drier areas such as my nose and chin, I’ll keep the product on for around 5 minutes as a mask then lightly rub off with a wet flannel.

And finally I’ve been loving Sheet Masks, but the only thing is they are so bloody expensive and being a student I can’t afford them as much as I would like. I recently used a few of Boots own brand and I love them. My skin feels so soft and hydarted but not greasy at all.

Whats your favourtie skin care products?

H xxx


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  1. I really love Simple as a brand, the products are always my fall back when I’ve had a breakout or product overload. They’re basic and perfect for my sensitive skin.

  2. I have to say simple and clearasil are two of my favourite skincare brands as they just work so well with my skins

  3. My skin is really bad broken out from stress at the moment and I have had a treatment from the doctors but nothing is working! I might try out a few of these and see if they help! xxx

  4. I love the Simple moisturizer, it works great for my combination oily/dry skin as well. I like Acure’s moroccan clay scrub, laneige sleeping mask and neutrogena’s moisturzer w/ spf 15 in it.

  5. Ahh someone finally came through with a post like this! I feel like my skin is doing the same at the moment because of stress and I’ve been drinking more water regularly and also taking care of my skin by using new skincare products and face masks which I lovee! This is a brilliant post Harriet, the skin is so important! xxx

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