Why Blog?

Quite often when people find out I blog the initial response is WHY. I guess I don’t give off the stereotypical blogger vibe and in all honestly a year ago I never thought I would be blogging but here I am.

Every single blogger is unique and that has to be one of my favourtie things about reading blogs. We all have different topics and enjoy different things and that is what makes blogging so personal. Each have our own spot that truly reflects ourselves. That’s one thing I think most people don’t get. Often labelled as wanting to be the next Zoella or Lydia Millen but we DON’T. Your blog is about you and trying to be someone else is far from what it’s all about.

So my own personal corner of the internet has become my little place to rant about my life struggles. An area where I can just get things off my chest. It doesn’t really matter if anyone reads it because the reason I write is purely to benefit myself. If people read it that’s great and if people benefit from it, that’s even better. If something is bothering me I often turn it into a blog post, I may publish it or it may sit in my drafts until I get round to clearing it out.

I started blogging as something to do, I had just started Uni and I had a lot more spare time and I needed something to fill it. Nothing really ‘inspired’ me and in all honesty I was just bored. I have never been a writer and English at school was something I really struggled with but I’ve always liked to write down my feelings. Beside from my terrible writing since blogging I have really noticed the change in my writing and seen a big improvement in essay work.


FRIENDS. Once you really delve into the blogging world you realise there are so many people in it. It’s a little daunting the whole ‘internet friend’ situation but there are so many lovely people that I could genuinely chat about anything with.  Last weekend I finally got to put a name to the face of quite a few blogging friends and I’m already counting down to when I can see them again.

It’s kind of a weird thing to understand, and yes I am well aware that so many people have a laugh at me, but I don’t really care. This is something for myself, if it’s bringing positivity to me,  so why should I let what others think bother me.

Let me know why you started blogging?

H xxx


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  1. I love love love this post😊Some people really don’t get it, but I love that I can have my adventures written down to look back on, like an online travel journal. I’m also excited to see if I continue blogging once starting uni and if so, how the blog will develop.
    Great honest post❤
    Lon x just-a-kidd@blogspot.com

  2. I love this post it’s so honest and true! I started blogging for the same reason! It was a place for me to let out all my creative ramblings and keep my inspiring for style alive. Just like you I don’t do it to be famous, I do it because I love it and it’s something I do for myself and no one else. We should celebrate having our own selfish little corner of the Web 🙂 looking forward to reading more from you! Robyn xx


  3. Same as you, I did it for myself. I don’t really have a niché. A friend told me some ideas I’ll see if I like them. I am glad you hadn’t let those voices stop you from blogging.

    Mafer Writes x

  4. I love that you’ve shared you’re reasons for starting your blog it’s a really nice post! I started blogging because I knew people that blogged and it was something that whilst was individual we could enjoy together, my friends no longer blog but I just love writing to much to stop x

  5. I started my blog because I have a passion for writing, I just love It so much and I always have. It’s what maked me…well me.
    I love that you blog for yourself as well, it’s a really good hobby to have. I havent been blogging long but I’m so glad I got into it because now I couldn’t be without it!

    Love Kirsty x

  6. I started my blog, because I was having some mental health issues, and my doctor thought that I should put my time into something I was passionate about. I always wanted to start a blog, so when I brought it up to her, she thought that as long as it wasn’t too stressful I should start! Here I am almost 6 months later, and it’s been one of the best decisions I made. I don’t know how I’d be if I didn’t start my blog. The bonus is all the amazingly genuine people I’ve met throughout the world. It’s crazy that we get the opportunity to connect with so many more people now, because of the internet. xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

    1. I’m so glad that blogging has helped you in that way and it’s great to see so many positive effects!

  7. I started blogging when I started uni too and did it just because I found it fun, I never ever imagined I would earn anything from it/get sent things. Now when people find out, they act like I’m in it for the money and the free stuff and friends see me getting sent free stuff and say they need to start blogging too. It frustrates me so much because they want to blog just for the free stuff and think it’s easy, but if you’re not passionate about it then it’s useless! One friend told me we need to brainstorm stuff for her to start a blog about, it shouldn’t be like that!

    Hayley | http://www.crueltyfreehayley.com

    1. I completely agree with you, you should’t force things just for the freebies. Do it because you love it.

  8. YES FOR FRIENDS! It’s amazing what blogging has enabled for, it really is. I’m especially grateful for all the friends I’ve made. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. This is such a lovely post!! I totally agree with everything you said, for people who don’t have a blog it’s hard to understand why we all love it so much, we aren’t doing it to become a famous blogger it’s just a way to have your own space where you can be totally yourself and find people who appreciate who you are and what your message is. Blogging is by far my favourite thing to do (along with a Netflix binge haha) and it’s so lovely to know so many other amazing bloggers like yourself in the community xxx

  10. I started blogging to share the health issues that my family are going through, to create awareness and let others know that they are not alone! Also I am a graduate, looking for a full time career, have a bit of spare time and wanted to try something different!
    What site do you use to blog?

  11. I started blogging for a lot of the same reasons you stated, I felt I had something worth saying and it is a way to get my feelings out in my own space (besides journaling). It does help me become a better writer in the process, but I was inspired by a friend to start blogging again.

  12. Ah I love meeting new people from the blogosphere. Sometimes I feel like I like the people I meet online better than the ones I personally know… but that’s just me!

    I started blogging just as a way to document my life’s little adventures with my boyfriend. We really wanna travel and go camping more so maybe when the time comes, I can write more about that 🙂

    Loving your blog by the way!

    cabin twenty-four

  13. The friends I’ve made through blogging are definitely one of the motivations to keep me going on down days! It’s crazy to think that without blogging you wouldn’t meet so many amazing people. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  14. Everything you have said in this post is so true and I agree. I started blogging because I just wanted a space to write what was on my mind. Then, I found confidence in sharing some of the things I love. Because that’s what you often like to do when you’re enjoying something. Being able to share a little bit of me to others and my blogger friends, feels great. Also, I’m soo sad I couldn’t attend that blogger event but I can’t wait to meet the most amazing, talented and genuine people ever someday soon. love you! xxx

  15. I think blogging is just such a beautiful way to put our thoughts out there. Everyone in this world has something to say, something to share. Anyone that is blogging decides to share it not only with the closest people around, but to open it up for the world, which I think is wonderful! It’s so creative too, every one can really blog about anything they would like! great post!
    love, elena


  16. I started blogging when I was in Florida for my semester abroad, it was kind of a diary at first but then it grew into something bigger! x


  17. aww this is lovely. i like that is is so simple and honest. because sometimes people want to give this elaborate back story to how all began, but sometimes it just simple. Things just happen!! i started blogging because i want to be bolder to talk to people about what i loved. I started and stopped cause i became to shy and depressed again. but broke out again and realized how much i loved it . it isn’t about people for me , it is about me. I guess this post pushed me to think about why i blog…lol. Thanks

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