Lets Talk Primers

Now primer is something I shamefully stayed away from for so long. Being a student I felt it was unnecessary and didn’t want to ‘waste’ my money on a product that wouldn’t really make much difference. Neither my foundation or eyeshadow would stay on all day and I was often having to top it up. I just used concealer to prime my eyes and I thought that would be fine, but wow how wrong was I primer seriously makes such a difference.

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix £2.50

After not using any primer I now use this one every single day. I apply a light coat on my eyes and then set it with my face powder. Whether I’m wearing eye shadow or not I’ll always do this to get rid of the veins on my eye lids. I also get quite oily eye lids, kinda weird I know and with the powder this gives me much more of a matte finish and leave me oil free for the day. When I wear eyeshadow I do think this makes the colour more pigment and last longer, but the only thing I would say would be you have to blend quickly as for some reason the eyeshadow seems to ‘set’ a lot quicker. Honestly for £2.50 you cannot go wrong with this and I will certainly be getting another one as soon as this runs out.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in original £17

Yes a holy grail product of so many people but I do truly love this. As I wear my revolution one most days I tend to save this for a more special occasion. Say if I’m going out in the evening or have a full day where I want to make a bit more of an effort with my makeup I’ll use this. This seriously makes your eyeshadow look the bomb. Pigmentation is so much better and my eyeshadow will stay on all night and not even crease. This is seriously one of the best primers out there and I will be repurchasing when I sadly run out. However the price does make me shed a slight tear. Similar to the revolution one I would say you have to work quick to blend the shadow in order to avoid a colour build up.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Radiance

I only have a sample size but this primer is my favorite facial primer I’ve ever used. I love how this is not a clear primer and has some color to it, making my foundation even more full coverage. It also has a slight glow to it making you look naturally highlighted and fresh, perfect for those early mornings!! This helps my foundation stay all day so I don’t have to worry about topping up with powder or anything. Another great thing about this primer is it doesn’t dry out my skin and I find it moisturising making it the perfect base for foundation.

Let me know what your favourtie primer is

H xxx


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  1. I rarely ever use primers and feel like I should get one for the eyes as well as the skin because most of the time, my eye shadow never lasts as long! love the picture girly xx

  2. The only primer I’ve really tried is the baby skin one from Maybelline which left my skin an oily mess and wasn’t very good. Might have to try out the Smashbox one x

  3. This is really interesting! I never wear primer because I always forget but I think I really should start. The Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix is such a good price, when you think about it! I get quite oily eyelids too, so it may be a good option for me.

    Thanks so much for sharing, loved this post!

    Gemma xx

  4. Primers have always been this huge question mark for me, I’ve never known what to use. I used to use the classic baby skin and it was okay from what I can remember, however I’m such a novice! Now I use a Primark one and I’m honestly very surprised. But I definitely need to look into others, the Smashbox one alwaysss comes up so it’s always good to hear opinions on it! Loved this post gal!! xox

    Em // Emilyybecca.com

    1. I haven’t tried the baby skin but I’ve heard good things! I might have to try the primark one, love a good bargain!

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