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We all get to a stage where we just can’t blog, no matter what we do nothing works and we have absolutley zero ideas. The last few weeks I’ve seriously lacked motivation and have been really struggling to produce content I WANT to put out.

Quite often we all get caught up in the blogging world and jump onto trending posts. There’s nothing wrong with doing a post that’s having a good response right now but sometimes we forget we blog for ourselves. Creating your own content has to be something you like, if you’re into whats popular at the moment then go for it. However often we are pushed towards creating specific posts because that’s what people enjoy, instead of blogging for ourselves we tend to blog for others. I know I’ve done this before I posted things that yes I did enjoy writing but I wasn’t passionate about it. I wanted to create three posts a week (why why why???) and I was struggling. Instead of what I wanted to post, I concentrated on what others wanted to see. As much as letting your readers impact what you post, don’t make it control you. I started blogging for myself, I didn’t really care if people read it or not and that’s the attitude I want to continue. If I don’t get as many posts as I want out then that’s fine. I would much rather not post anything then something I don’t feel strongly about.

Reading other blogs does however give me motivation, quite often you can take inspiration of a post you’ve seen someone else do and make it your own. Reading others post can spark a little idea in your head and don’t be afraid to do that.

It’s ok to take a break. This was something I was a little worried about. I didn’t want to stop and lose readers that I had worked for. However producing content I wasn’t proud of was going to do that anyway. Taking a short break can help you refresh your mind and allow you to come up with more ideas. Something else that I would recommend doing is a making a note of a post you want to create, as quite often I’ll think of something and then completely forget until weeks later.

Take inspiration from your life. This is something I tend to do a lot. I often take personal issues or topics that ‘bother’ me and just write down my feelings or emotions. If you aren’t too into creating those sort of posts you can still take things from your life. Reading posts about peoples days out are one of my favourtie things to read, as well as hauls or fashion posts. Photos are something I love on a blog post and love it when people take inspiration from the photos they take and turn it into a blog post.

How do you stay motivated with blogging?

H xxx

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  1. Well said! I agree that reading others’ posts can be inspiring to your own work. Plus, it’s great to get a fresh perspective on things you may not otherwise think about! Thanks for the post–it certainly gave me some more fire to go after my writing goals. If you’d like to check out my own blog for some motivation (, feel free to do so! I’d love to hear you chime in on the topics I post about. Thanks again!

  2. I have recently come to the same sort of conclusion that writing for the sake of “staying in the game” doesn’t make you happy with your content. I’d rather have fewer, better posts than a half-assed post published every day!!! Great read! xxx

    samantha //

  3. This is a great post and I definitely agree with you!
    It is very sad that so many people start their blogs just in order to build a business. I mean we are doing creative work and we are presenting ourselves on our blogs, so why should we upset our plans and priorities just because someone gives us little money for selling his tea?

    Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂
    xx, Sophie

  4. I’m struggling with the same problem! No matter what I do I just feel like my content isn’t good enough and that nobody would want to read it and I’m wasting my time but I’m determined to make this work so my self drive is my motivation! And other bloggers of course xx

  5. When I have loads of motivation I tend to schedule post ideas for as far along as I can so that when I lack motivation – I already have a frame to work on! Works for me quite a lot. I always love getting inspiration from other blogs too though 🙂 xxx

  6. I got low in motivation often but inspirational always strikes when I’m chilling out or in the middle of the night x

  7. Taking a break always helps but for me I’m constantly finding inspiration as there’s always a social issue being talked about that makes me feel inspired to talk about it on my blog, that’s the great thing with writing about things going on in the world and feelings etc…

  8. This is such a true, honest post. I find the best way to combat lack of motivation is to hop onto bloglovin and have a read of some new blogs and some new style posts! 😊

  9. I stay motivated with blogging when I get inspiration to create ideas and new posts. I try not to force myself blogging if I really don’t feel it because I want to put my best in it. Love this post and posts like these make me happy! xx

  10. I’ve completely lost my blogging mojo! I get so caught up in my job that when i have free time i just want to lie down and not do something. It frustrates me because I miss it and its something I love, but I just don’t have the energy to do it.

    Definitely need to find a balance between the two x

    Abi | abistreetx

  11. I tend to get my most honest and raw ideas in the middle of the night. Sometimes I’m too lazy to write it down, but recently I’ve kept my phone nearby and write down that sentence that’s speaking to me or a topic that popped into my head. I also have a notebook of backup ideas when I haven’t had any type of inspiration for the last few weeks. My last option is to see what other people are writing about and see if it triggers an idea or two. It’s completely normal to run out of steam or just get lost on trail of trends that go around in the blogging sphere. You just need to listen to your own inner voice and see what You want to write about xxx

    Melina |

    1. Yes I do that all the time, just as I’m about to sleep a idea will pop into my head! Thanks for such a lovely comment! Xxx

  12. I completely agree!
    Only posting things that I actually want to post has made me a lot happier and my blog is now a true reflection of who I am – also taking a break is one of the best things I’ve ever done for it!


  13. This was such an interesting read, I feel like I’m definitely in the stage of putting content out there in an attempt to keep on top of it but you’re so right – I need to love what I’m writing and I’m so motivated now to only do that!!

  14. I read other’s blogs and listen to ALOT of podcast. Listening to different topics and different perspectives makes me consider my stance usually resulting in me wanting to express my stance in blog form.

    The most beneficial thing I’ve done is implement a posting schedule showing which days I will post about certain things. For example Monday’s may be dedicated photography related post. Fridays may be restaurant/food related post. So on and so forth.

    Great post!

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