Pinks this Spring


Spring for me is the time of year where I ditch my dull monochrome outfits and start to add a dash of colour to my outfits. As flowers start to re grow and the rain starts to go away (hopefully!!) it becomes time to brighten up my colour scheme. Pastel colours have always been a must for me. I’ve never really classified myself as  girly girl but right now I can’t get enough of pink. I honestly have so much right now, an addiction that seriously needs to stop for the sake of my bank.


I live in jeans and embroidery is real trend right now, I got these Jeans from Next in the January sales which unfortunately means they don’t do them anymore. However there are so many floral embroided jeans around right now and I think they look perfect at this time of year. I like to wear this with a chunky belt and I have the perfect matching pink jumper from H&M.



When I put a picture of these on my Instagram everyone went crazy for them. I’ve been hiding these away since about November waiting for the perfect time of year to wear them. In all honesty I’ve only worn these a couple of times just because I am so scared that they are going to get messy and seeing as they are suede they are going to be such a pain to clean. These were limited addition but you can find the most similar one they have right now here.


On the beauty side of thing there are a few things that I love this time of year. The first is a Rimmel nail vanish in the colour 237 Soul Session, this is a really natural pink that doesn’t look like too much. I love wearing this just to give my nails a little colour every now and again. For a subtle pink on the lips the benefit lip gloss in Fauxmance is perfect for an every day look. For me this just gives the illusion I’ve put a little more effort into my makeup than I really have.


Primark are seriously killing the underwear game right now. This bralette came in a matching set for £5. Yes only £5! I couldn’t believe it seeing as I’ve been paying around £20 for ones from more expensive shops before. This is super cute and comfy, I think I actually prefer this to normal bras.



I’ve always been a use fan of chockers but never really steered away from the classic black ones. I saw this set of four in Primark and I couldn’t resist picking them up. The pink one is definitely my favourite in the back but I also can’t get enough of the white one. It’s something I wouldn’t normally go for but it works so well with nearly every outfit.

Let me know what sort of things you are loving this spring.


H xxx

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  1. I can almost feel an extra spring in my step just thinking about it. I’m not a fan of the dark, cold Winter months, which seemed to have dragged on for an age this year, and love the arrival of Spring.

  2. This blog post has really put me in the spring mood I can’t wait to be able to wear pastel clothing and cute sunglasses ! And yes Primark are totally killing the underwear game right now I got a few Bralets from their and I wear them everywhere they are so comfy. I love those converse I’ve never been a Nike or adidas footwear fan but converse and vans are such classics !

  3. Hi Harriet, just curious, I am still following you on and getting your posts, and I see you have a “Following Harriet Day” button at the bottom of this page. How did you install that button on your website/webhost and keep your followers still following you?

      1. When you go to comment on a post, and scroll down, there is a “Following Harriet Day” button on the bottom of the page. I was wondering how you put that button there on your website/webhost. 🙂

  4. All those items are super cute omg! I feel like Spring is an underrated season because not much happens but it’s the best feeling of transitioning from winter and moving into summer! I absolutely adore those jeans and really want to get a pair of embroidered mom jeans since I don’t own any! love this post, super unique Harriet!

    1. I know I agree, I love it when the flowers start to come out. You definitely should get a pair. I’m obsessed with mine! Thank you Sami💛

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