Maintaing Blonde Hair

As a child I always had bright blonde hair, as I’ve grown up its faded into more of a dirty blonde. I still want to brighten my hair but currently I am trying not to damage it with dye and bleach. I’ve had my hair highlighted and dyed a few times so quite honestly I have a mess of blonde shades in it.

Pro:Voke got in touch asking me to try their Touch of Silver Range. I have actually used this before when I went through a nightmare stage at 14 and thought packet dying my hair blonde was a great idea only to turn out so brassy toned. I used this shampoo to neutralise my brassiness and it did actually work. I stopped using it when my hair got sorted and haven’t tried it since, so I’m quite interested to see what this will do to my ‘natural’ hair now.

I have been sent the Touch of Silver Shampoo and Conditioner and used these a couple of times. I have also used the Touch of Silver Intensive Keratin treatment shot which not only helps brighten my hair but allows helps rescue and repair it. (what more could you want?!?!).

So does the treatment actually make any difference?


Okay wow, I’m actually blown away by the difference. This photo is completely unedited and I took the photos around the same time of day to get similar lighting. This is the difference after two washes. One using the conditioner and once using the Keratin treatment. Not only is my hair visibly brighter it’s also looking healthier and softer. I literally feel like this comparison picture is like those you see at the hair dressers there’s been that much change!

Where I have previously had highlights in my hair I can notice a difference where they have clearly been brightened. My hair had so many tones running through it but I feel this treatment as really helped even them out and given my whole head a slightly lighter but even tone. My natural brassiness has been reduced and my hair looks 10x better.

My only negatives are that I found the Keratin shots rather hard to open and mixing them with the water gave them a weird constancy. The shampoo was a little thinner than my normal shampoo but nether the less it clearly works wonders.

I am absolutely blown away by the results and wouldn’t of thought using a simple shampoo could achieve this! You can get Pro Voke in boots and superdrug and on their own website. If you are a blonde I would seriously recommend this to lighten your hair!

H xxx


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  1. 100% using this! Thank you for the recommendation – the results are actually incredible!


  2. I bleached my hair blonde at one point and this stuff was my saviour! The difference in your hair is unreal, who would’ve thought that a little bottle of purple shampoo and conditioner could do so much. Loved this post lovely!!

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  3. Woah, the difference and after results look amazing Harriet. You have beautiful hair as it is but that thing looks like it works wonders! Great post and well written my lovely! xxx

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