It’s Okay to be Yourself

Who am I?

A question that we all often ask ourselves. Who are we and what direction are we going in. Are you going to ‘fit’ in to what society wants you to be or are you going to take the plunge and be yourself.

Especially at a younger age I feel as if there’s a pressure to ‘fit in’. Being a little different to others can be seen as a negative.Growing up there was always the things everyone had, if you didn’t you weren’t seen as cool and as terrible as it is every little 13 year old wants to be like that. I was heavily influenced by celebrities, products they endorsed or styles they wore were things I wanted to as well. As a young teenager I was very impressionable and wanted just to be like everyone else. There was certain music everyone liked, certain clothing everyone wore (oh how I now hate Joni jeans) and almost certain way everyone behaved. We all had similar interests and were almost mini clones of each other. ( Also side note how can 13 year old’s do makeup and not have any stupid trends like we did???) Being different was something that not many people were and often had negative consequnces. Breaking out from this I believe that as a society we are becoming more accepting, because lets face it everyone can be who they dam want to be.

‘Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself’

Even in the ‘blogging word’ there is a pressure to fit. Everyone does the clique posts, has perfect instagram feeds and pretty much every blogger has a common persona. Branching out and having more content shared is great. Personally I love reading unique post and being different actually makes me want to read your blog more.

There’s 7 billion people in this world, now imagine if everyone was the same, boring right? Being different is fun and you as an individual are unique. Yes we all like the follow trends and I’m not one to say I don’t but I can say I am not a clone of the trends. I may fall into certain ‘catergories’ but I am myself. Without people being different culture and traditions would not take place and we would live in a world full of ‘robots’ everyone the same, so simple and dull.

You have such an unique frame of mind. No one else thinks like you do or has been through the experiences you have, so why should we all have to follow the same trends? Break out and start reflecting who you want to be. Don’t follow societies rules. You are unique and you are the only person that can show the world that, don’t hide.

Yes people may make comments or look at you weird, but who the hell cares. As long as you are happy and doing what you want to do, then who am I to judge? Start realising it’s okay to be you. I respect someone that is themselves so much more than someone that follows the trends to fit in. Being yourself

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you don’t like something then don’t do it just because. It’s your life and you only get one chance to do it, so don’t spend it being someone you don’t want to be. You will only waste your time and regret it later.

‘Don’t change so people like you. Be yourself and the real people will love you’

H xxx


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  1. I love this just post!! So true and inspirational✨ It’s taken me years to put myself first and to not fixate on what others think of me in order to “fit in”. You’re much happier just being yourself💗

  2. And that’s my lovely friend back at it again with the most inspirational and motivating posts ever! It felt really heartwarming in a way and makes me feel more comfortable about myself and you couldn’t have said it any better Harriet. Never stop smiling, ily! <3

  3. Amen girl, I love this. We need more self love in the world, although I do feel like we’re all getting better at it! Very inspiring post.I shall defo subscribe! I also love the design of your blog, the marble effect is a great touch!

    My blog touches on self love/mental health/life etc. I feel you would enjoy this short post I wrote. Feel free to have a look, if not, happy blogging 🙂

    Rosie Mauu x

  4. I feel the pressure while blogging that I’ve written a post on and daily I have to remind myself that’s it’s okay to not have a theme on my instagram or to not post only beauty stuff and unboxes, even if that’s a little bit different to what everyone else is posting so thank you for this!!

  5. Definitely needed this post. Think self-care and accepting yourself are really important issues that we’re now facing a lot more head on than we used to. Thank you!

  6. This is a really lovely post, its nice to take a break from reading about makeup and fashion to read about real life issues. I used to be the same a few years back, i would lie about what i like and didn’t like to fit in but I’m so different now and I’m much better for it! – Maria | MariaJ

  7. I absolutely adore this post! I remember when I came out of my ‘I have to fit in’ shell and just became me – it felt so great!

    For example now, I will always say to my boyfriend ‘If I want to act really silly and pull the ugliest faces, I will do it. That’s me and I want to have a laugh’.
    He accepts me for me and actually joins in and has a laugh 😀

    Love this post – keep writing more girlie! We need more inspiring posts!

    Zoe |

  8. I love this. Like so much. I think discovering who you are and being true to yourself is so important…and I completely agree with the kind of mould that bloggers typically fit into. It’s nice, but . . . can’t do it! Loving your blog btw! xxx

    mia //

  9. Love this post! Getting to that point where you care a little less about what others think and about expectations is difficult, but so important. We’re all perfectly imperfect and beautiful, and when we can be ourselves it’s freeing and a much happier place to be! Well written and thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. This is probably the best post I’ve read today.
    Throughout my teen years I felt lost and didn’t really know who I was. As you said, I was trying to fit in and I was being friends with people that I actually have nothing in common and now that I look back through my high school years especially, I regret every moment of it. I wasted the most beautiful years of my life (as some people may say) to hang out with people that I didn’t actually really like at the end of the day. I hate myself for it and I hate it when I think about it. But you know, what’s done it’s done. I’ve learnt my mistakes and I finally know who I am and who I want to be. I will always aim for the better me. I will try to do the things I like and not what others want me to do. I’m not going to waste anymore years to please everyone but myself.

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