What my first year at University has taught me

Starting University has been one of the best things in my life but a lot of people aren’t sure. I’m only in my first year at Uni but I can safely say I’ve learnt a hell of a lot. So here are 15 things I’ve learnt from uni.

  • It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do or be, literally hardly anyone knows where they are heading.
  • You realise who your real friends are.
  • Yes you miss your family but you actually have the time of your life.
  • Every night can be a crazy night but only go out when you want to.
  • Pre drink hard, drinks in the club are far to expensive.
  • Why get a kebab when you can cook your own chips at home?
  • You have to work. At school your teachers push you and help you out but as soon as you get to Uni it’s now down to you.  You’re no longer told what to and have to figure out what’s best by yourself. So basically if you don’t enjoy the subject then don’t do it because chances are you won’t work for it.
  • Leaving your washing up for days seems like a good idea but when you really have to scrub your plates to make them clean you instantly regret it.
  • You start to learn the difference between want and need.
  • If you have a lidl or aldi near you, seriously appreciate it.
  • Dessert becomes nonexistent.
  • Having your own room is an absolute bliss but equally can sometimes be a little lonely.
  • Growing up and becoming more independent isn’t really scary.
  • Cooking isn’t too hard
  • But you do live of the same three meals that you can actually cook.

Let me know if you’re thinking of going to uni this year of if you are still a little unsure.

H xxx

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  1. I loved these tips! The cooking ones really hit home for me lol thinking back to my early uni days I would’ve utilized all the free tools and services that uni offered

  2. I never went to uni just on the basis that I didn’t feel like it was for me but I admire anyone who does it and makes it through, it does not sound easy but seems like a great experience to have.

  3. I am finished with university and I still have no idea where I am heading. Cooking is still hard though and yes, I don’t know what desserts are anymore ahah! This is a great post, so relatable! xx C&K

  4. I am starting university in September so this is actually really useful! I think I will be on just 3 meals too and all of them will probably contain pasta haha x

  5. I loved reading this; Uni was both the best but most scary time of my life. I did a lot of growing up, but made lasting friendships and learned invaluable skills. Great post! X

  6. I absolutely loved my first year at uni! So much fun and meeting new people.

    Second year is tough but if you love your course then it’ll be a blast!!

    Fab post lovely 🙂


  7. I felt so unsure at first because it’s quite a jump from a levels to a degree level of work. And the workload can be too much sometimes but knowing that I’m trying makes me strangely enjoy it! I’m loving the independence too and uni friends are great! Haha, the dessert part is true though! xxx

  8. This is so accurate! I’m in first year too and I’m still getting to grips with most of these. I’m also convinced that Lidl was invented by some kind of student-gods, I’d starve without it haha

  9. Haha, “the three meals you can actually cook” – that is SO me! I love these kind of posts and you had some great points! Made me eager to move away for uni next year! xx

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