Need to Achieve

Why setting goals is important.

To me I always have a need to achieve attitude. I want to succeed, do well and make myself proud. Growing up as an athlete I’ve always had this mentality. I want to be the best possible version of myself.

As I no longer run (you can read my rambles on being injured here) I’ve had to set different goals and re think what it is I want to achieve. My goals tend to be direct to my blog and work at uni.

Goals are important to set to matter what they are. It could be do with sport or fitness, or something as simple as completing an assignment by a set date.Goals don’t have to be ambitious dreams such as becoming a world renound scientist or the top athlete. By  all means go towards these if these are your dreams, but goals don’t have to be as a big as this.


Goals provide you with focus and direction. Without this what do you aim for in life? Focusing on your goals allows you to work towards something. This helps avoid procrastination and makes you actually get your sh*t done. By focusing on something as simple as a goal can allows you to improve your concentration and increases productivity.


Setting a goal makes me work hard as I said before I have that need to achieve motivation and I want to complete it. Simple little weekly goals can help you remain motivated. It gives you something to work for and a sense of purpose within your actions. Staying motivated keeps your work ethnic up high, this is important to allow you to achieve more and more.


Setting goals allows you to achieve and when you achieve it brings so much positivity within. You begin to feel good about yourself and realise that you can do it! Achieving a goal makes you want to work harder and then therefor become stronger. Whether your achievement is big or small everything makes a little difference. Something simple as getting my notes copied up well makes me feel satisfied.However, a more long term and bigger goal can make me feel strong and leads to me feeling more determined.


You can start to take control of your life and give yourself direction. Instead of waiting for things to happen you have the ability to make it happen and you always have. How long have you said I wish I could do that, or wouldn’t it be great if I could. Well instead of thinking that ways, set goals of what you would love to do, then make them your reality.

‘What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals’  Zig Ziglar

As well as setting goals, writing a to do list is something that helps me keep focused for the day. It gives me things to work for and ensures I don’t waste time. It’s almost loads of a little mini goals I need to get done.

My current goals are fairly straight forward at the moment but they still keep me uplifted as small as they are. Let me know what your goals are.

H xxx

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  1. I have so much work to do this week so i’m going to take your advice and set myself little goals throughout the week and then hopefully achieving those goals will motivate me to reach the next ones. Thanks for the constant positivity Harriet and a great post!!


  2. Such an important post. I’ve recently been struggling with a few things, it wasn’t until I realised I need a plan to get to where I need to be. I set small goals for myself, I decided to take a different approach to it all, usually, I set big goals and I get easily distracted or put off. Fingers crossed this works for me now.

    Sabah ||

  3. I always find that if I set myself little goals to achieve a big one I feel a lot more motivated. It’s all about keeping yourself in that positive mindset of I can do this!

    Fab post Hun!

    Laura xo

  4. I find that setting goals is easy but finding the motivation and focus to achieve them is much more tedious, it definitely needs more work as there really isn’t any point in having goals if they’re not going to be done!
    Dalal //

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