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Now I know I’m a little late to the bandwagon but I received my happiness planner about a week ago and I’m completely obsessed with it. Every single morning I’ve filled  it out and it really does help me with my day. The thing that has been holding me back for long is the price, the cheapest planner is £20 with ones going up to £50. And of course I wanted one of the more expensive ones, the inner student voice told me why spend that much when I can get a planner from pound land. So that’s what I did. The Happiness Planner kindly sent me out this planner which I was over the moon with. I was honestly counting down the days till it came.

Little disclaimer they have NOT asked me to write this post I purely wanted to do it to let you all know my thoughts.

So is the happiness planner really worth it?


I have the Happiness Planner Jan-Dec in the colour Serenity and Rose Quartz, personally I think every single design is stunning. Unfortunatly I’ve already missed the whole of January which is a little annoying but I still have another 11 months to fill out.

Honestly it’s absolutely beautiful I’ve been none stop going on about it. The packaging is really sturdy and I love having it all in the box. When I briefly looked at everything on the website I literally just thought you would get a planner (which is actually so much bigger than I thought it would be) but you actually get so much more with it!

  • Planner
  • Box
  • Printed Planners on goals, visions and more.
  • Pen
  • Paper clips
  • Sticker
  • Quote card


The planners main intention is to promote a positive and happy lifestyle. I truly believe that it does really make you think in that way. You begin to be more grateful and realise how lucky you are. I’ve started feeling more organised and actually really enjoy filling it out each day.

The start of the planner has a ‘Happiness Roadmap’. This allows you to fill in sections about what makes you happy or unhappy, your hopes of the year, what qualities you want to improve and things you want to do and how to achieve them. This really makes you think about what’s best for you and cringe I know how to make the most out of your life. This will also be a great thing to look back on after the year and see what you’ve done and how far you’ve come.

So everything day you’re presented with a quote, often these are quite inspiring and help me feel more productive for my day ahead. There’s a space to plan out your day and write a to do list, I actually tend to do this most days on some scrap paper anyway as it really helps getting things done. Having it in my planner is perfect.

Every month starts with a plan, you write down personal goals, work goals and things your excited about.  At the end there’s a reflection where you can write what your happiest moments were but also your struggles. You can also rate how you feel on six factors, this makes it easy to see your progress.

So the question your all wondering is would I pay £40? The answer is no. As much as I think it’s fantastic I really don’t want to spend that sort of money on it. I’m a student, that is my food for at least two weeks. However, if I had a little more income I would definitely purchase this next year as I’ve really loved using it.

H xxx

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  1. Thank you for this advice, I actually think it’s a great idea and I would probably really enjoy it, but to be honest I think it’s overpriced! Maybe I could just create my own little happiness planner?
    love, elena

  2. I love the idea of a happiness planner and I’ve wanted to get one for ages but like you said it’s really expensive and as students we have to think twice about it. It would be a really good Christmas present though xx

  3. Its such a lovely idea and they are soo gorgeous, but it is too expensive! I’m a student myself and I dont have the money to buy one, it’s not what I need !!

  4. So well written and I definitely love how truthful you are with your opinion! I also love that colour and I’m very happy with mine too! I definitely do feel productive and organised as well as happier! I do feel it is a little overpriced but the whole concept of it is amazing! love this my lovely! xxx

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