January Blues

It’s the time of year again where we all set goals that we are so eager to achieve, yet two weeks down the road and we’ve forgotten all about them already. January to me is the month where I feel so motivated to do so much and then it just goes. I begin to feel down, bored and just out right unmotivated.

So after the week of the whole new year new you ends, you start to feel the January blues. January itself is is a rather dull month in my eyes (apologises if your a January baby) the festivity finishes and there’s just nothing really happening. I have nothing to look forward to and just kind of fit back into daily life. For me and other University students we have winter exams, which doesn’t provide too much excitement. If your from the UK you know the weather is just awful. It’s cold, it’s raining and it’s windy. Don’t get me wrong I love it when it’s just a little bit chilly outside and everything feels so fresh and crisp, but when I’m drenched and I can’t feel my feet, I don’t quite feel the same.

Although a fresh start is so great, we don’t need a new year for it. Each day is a new one and it can be your own. Don’t dwell if you didn’t meet your goals that society deem you should set each year. If you wan’t to achieve something, set it any time you dam want to. If you don’t want to set any resolutions then don’t, simple as .


The first few weeks of the year is when everyone goes fitness crazy, if you have done and you’ve given up or you just never bothered then don’t worry. I am far from getting involved in any fitness goals. Honestly I know that seeing health freaks around just make you feel so guilty, but let’s be real most aren’t likely to stick at it anyway.  You don’t need to change your life style just because it’s a new year. Seriously just eat what the hell you want and do what the hell you want. Remember we don’t need to change our appearance for anyone.

January for me is going to consist of exams and thus far I have no other plans. To me it’s a boring month and I think to myself I can’t wait till it’s over. I dream of Easter, summer and other adventures I have planned. I’m so eager for the future I forget to live in the moment. January is time where I shut myself in, going out or visiting places is non existence to me. Why? Just why am I doing this, I myself am making my life dull. I can’t moan about doing nothing when I don’t try and do anything. Instead of wishing for the days to be over I’ve decided to make use of them and enjoy my life. So, my advice is to go out and make the most of your life. Don’t let January blues get the best of you, get out of your house. Visit somewhere new, make some plans with friends, and just do whatever you want.

However let’s not forget the biggest benefit of January. The sales! Although many are coming to and end there’s still so many good bargains out there. If you follow me on twitter you would know I’ve done a little too much sale shopping, so I need to hold back for the sake of my bank account. However shopping just makes me feel fab and is a great excuse to get out of the house and do something. It cheers me up on a dull day, and even if I don’t get something I can always build up my wishlist.

H xxx


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  1. I always weirdly struggle in January with my emotions so I use this time for some quiet moments to get it out my system and plans for the rest of the year

  2. I can totally relate being a uni student too and how slow is this month actually going omg its dreading!!! I’m definitely not one of those who tries to get fit ahaha not even gonna bother saying i’ll try, but you had some great advice there can be positive to Januarys xx

  3. I totally relate to that. Like when I go hime after an amazing Christmas with my family and end up in mu quiet and cold flat… also because I had so much food over the festive period… But then, new year, new goals, new challenges so January is not as bad xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

  4. I’ve written a very similar post. I find January to be the most difficult month of the year, so much expectation and so many unachievable goals and pressure! I’m looking forward to just getting this month out the way so I can start working on some future plans and hopefully feel a little less miserable!

  5. I 100% know how you feel, except my exams were from the 4th-10th so all of my revision was done over the Christmas period, meaning I hated December but adored January this year. Once your exams pass you’ll feel like a new woman! + I also agree about fitness, I haven’t even tried, personally I like to go on more walks and do yoga in the summer, in the winter I just want to bundle up and be a toasty cinnamon bun in my duvet!

    Let’s look forward to all the nice activities we have coming up in the spring and summer! xx


  6. This was seriously so nice to read. I don’t think many people mention about the January blue but it’s definitely something I get too sometimes. You’re right though in every aspect and you are preaching!

    sami xx

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