Going Self Hosted- Is it worth it?

If you know me well you know I’ve had so much stress deciding what platform to use for my blog. I started off with wordpress as it was the easiest to understand and navigate at the time. After a couple of months there I wanted to buy a domain and look a little more professional. However if you buy a domain you then have to upgrade your plan. Being the cheap student I was I did not want to do this, so I moved to blogger. Blogger did bring some benefits such as more customising once you get your head around HTML, I could add my own domain without any extra cost and everything was fine. However, I hadn’t quite realised that you would pretty much have to start again. The interaction on my blog was very low. I had to really promote my blog hard on social media to get anywhere; it was so disheartening compared to when I would get interaction without promoting before. So then I made the big move to go back to wordpress and become self hosted.

Self hosted seems a little scary but I literally just use wordpress as I would before and there’s not much change. I debated what host to use for a long time and looked into all of them. For me the best one was Siteground. This was the cheapest and also offers 24hour support, and for someone like me I stress A LOT. So this was super important.


For those of you that don’t really know what self hosted is, essentially you own your own blog. You can control a lot more of it and really give that professional look. If you’re looking to work with brands I would really recommend this. Brands don’t have all day to read all your content. They will spend a couple of minutes on your page, looking at the layout and maybe read a post. Selfhosting will allow you to really up your game.

Benefits of Self Hosting:

  • You get your own domain, come who wouldn’t want this, just gives your blog that professional feel.
  • There are so many more themes to access. I’m currently just using a free one from wordpress until I get the funds to buy my own.
  • You can get your own personal email, again looking professional.
  • You can use google adsence if you wish, that can allow you to gain a small income from your blog.
  • You can access more pluglins such as having your instagram feed in your footer.
  • All your blog posts and followers can be sent over.
  • You can add google analytics which gives a great tracking of views to your site.


Why I choose Siteground?

I picked the start up plan which cost £2.75 a month which when you come to think about it isn’t much at all. When they add tax to it you end up paying around £30 a year, which I think is such a great price considering all of the benefits. I was taken through the whole process and I took me less than 24 hours to get everything transferred and my site up and running.

Sitegrounds best feature is there 24/7 live chat. I have to say maybe I used it a little too much as I wanted to make sure I got everything right. They were super helpful and never minded with my flood of questions and I definitely got my desired outcome.

During the process you have to give your log in details which to me was a little scary. I changed my password to something completely random and have changed it since. I was a little worried about this but so many people use Site Ground and they only use it to purely move over your site, so I had no reason to be.

I used my old blog from wordpress however you can also transfer a blog from most other platforms but you will end up on wordpress. This way it’s so simple and you can keep all your post, the only thing that may be changed is the layout.

If you’re interested in visit SiteGround visit their site HERE.

Self-Hosting is so much easier then you think, If you’ve got the extra cash I would totally recommend doing it. Feel free to ask me something if you have any questions.

H xxx


*This post contains affiliate links, these do not influence my content just help me with running costs of the blog.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about becoming self-hosted for a while so I’m trying to read as many posts about it as possible! This really helped, thanks💕

  2. It’s good to see that you can still have a thriving community and be self-hosted. One thing that often puts me off commenting on a blog that is not hosted on WordPress.com is when the information you need to fill i to make the comment seems too complex or confusing. This method seems more straightforward so I thought I’d give it a try!

  3. Hey Harriet, did you have to pay to go into Premium Plan for WP before going Self-Hosted on Sitegrounds?

    Kind of confused at that!

    If you could reply, thank you x

  4. I’m considering moving to self-hosted later this year and Siteground is my top choice for the same reason! (I’m not a techie so 24/7 support would be a life-saver.) Thanks for re-affirming my faith in them!

  5. This post was so so helpful and really well written! I would love to read more blogging tips from you as I feel you have a lot to share! Your blog design looks amazing right now! Keep up the good work, girl! xx

    1. Thank you Ingird, if I’m honest I still aren’t too sure what I’m doing but I’ll see if I come up with anymore posts!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for a list like this one. I’ve been contemplating moving my site and becoming self hosted. I was nervous about how complicated the process would be and how everything works once it’s moved over.

  7. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.. maybe a bit too long! But after reading your post, I think I’m going to do it! Sorry if you get lots of messages from me when I’m in the process haha but you seem like you know what you’re doing with it all and I’m terrible with all these types of things! X

  8. That’s funny, we just revamped our blog but just before we had the same template as you do. I great one ahah. We started self-hosted but we kinda did not know. We found out really recently. We have our own domain name so it makes sense yes. It’s a really helpful post though. xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

  9. Congrats! I was actually thinking of doing the same exact thing with the same host too. I have a million questions though, like do you get to keep commenting on other blogs with the same system, and can your followers comment on yours like they used to? Also do you keep all your followers or do you have to redirect them to your new site? I’m super sorry about all the questions but I’m just worried about switching!

    1. NO worries, feel free to message me on social media if you need any help! You keep comments and the same method of commenting. All your followers and transferred.

  10. Such an informative post. I just started blogging and I made a deal with myself that if I last at least a year of blogging I will move on to a self-hosted one. I was gonna start with it head on but I was afraid that I wouldn’t commit to it

  11. This post is super helpful, thanks for sharing! Self-hosting can be scary both because of the cost and also it can be intimidating trying to figure out all of the gadgets involved in self-hosting. As someone who is by no means a techy-type, I find this overwhelming. But you list off the benefits really well and overall, I definitely agree that self-hosting is worth the trouble. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Jaycee | anthropolojay.com

  12. This came in perfect time, I’m moving over to self hosted today and you’ve definitely made me feel more confident. I think I was more scared because all these websites say how complicated it is but now I’m a lot more reassured. Brilliant post and love your new blog look xx

  13. This post was so helpful, thank you! I think I’ve made my mind up that I’m going to take the plunge to go self hosted, so fingers crossed all will go well, and I will definitely be popping back to this post for help when I do!

  14. WOW! First – thank you for sharing 🙏 It’s really good to read a post like this one, full information, feedback, btw your blog looks so good. Definitely I will go self-hosted soon. ❤ *your post saved on my screen*

  15. Aww, you finally did it! I have to say, your blog looks so impressive and professional and it’s always been one of my faves! This was great to read and also helps me and makes me feel satisfied knowing you’re pleased with going self-hosted! xx

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