Who do I want to be?

When I was younger I assumed at University I would have my life together. I would be grown up, mature with a finalised life plan. But in reality I really couldn’t be any further…

Growing up you go through the stereotypical phases of wanting to be crazy things. In my case I wanted to be a Disney Princess (well still kind of do!), a gymnast, a vet, and all sorts. As you grow up you have to set your mind to picking a more ‘stable/realistic’ dream and truly work out who you really want to be.

                                                                 Behold baby me

At the age of 15 I had to pick my A level options. Not the biggest decision in the world I know, but at the time it was huge. I had no idea of who I wanted to be. What I picked would then impact me forever. A simple choice I made at the age of 15 could determine what my future holds. The teachers would pile the pressure on us constantly reminding us that we had to be careful of what we picked, as this would effect what degree we could do. I felt as if this was it, this was my only chance to control my future.

Many thoughts ran through my head. How am I meant to choose my whole  future when I haven’t even learnt about the world yet? Yes I’m living but I’m in a bubble, yet to venture into the world of adulthood. I’m clueless about tax,mortgages, bills, and loans. All these ‘adult’ things that I feel I should know. As we are yet to find out what it’s like to be an adult, how on earth can we make decisions about out adulthood? Thinking about what lifelong job I want is seriously the last thing on a 15 year old girls mind. Ask anyone that knows me, I can’t even choose what I want for dinnuer, let alone something that will impact my life forever. What if I change my mind? What if I didn’t pick the best option? Petrified that my A level choices could hold me back.

So now at 18 am I much further on? Not really, I still don’t know who I want to be.  I’m studying the most popular degree in the country with ideas of what I want to do, but nothing set. Placing myself in one of the most competitive industries is terrifying, what If I don’t succeed? But right now that doesn’t matter. I’m enjoying my course and enjoying my experience at uni. After school you’re thrown into a completely different lifestyle. At home I had everything done for me, now it’s just me living alone in the big old world. I have a chance to grow as myself. Throughout university I’m exploring myself.After 18 years of living I’m still finding out new things I enjoy and am passionate about.

I am passionate about sport and have been all my life, but that doesn’t define me. Read my blog and you can see I barely touch on it. I love fashion, I love music, I love beauty, I love travelling. There’s so much more to me than one thing.  Some things that I loved long ago don’t mean that much to me anymore and that doesn’t matter.  My 15 year old self is not the same as me now. I have new interests and I’ve learnt that nothing is holding me back.. Growing up is all about finding what is right for you.

The most important advice I can give you is to follow your heart. If you think you haven’t picked something that you want in the long run, don’t panic! Over half of UK students don’t work in their field of study. Meaning we don’t have to limit ourselves. Things that may be pushed as important might not be.  I can still be whatever I want to be. Just remember following your passion will lead you to success and happiness, but most importantly It doesn’t matter if your passion changes.

Only you can control who you want to be.

H xxx

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  1. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you’re majoring in Psychology? I am too! It’s super competitive but I like to think that you can do a lot of different things with it so it isn’t too bad. Plus, if you can land internships and make connections while you’re in university, that can only help. I’ve been poking through your blog and it’s nice!

    1. I’m actually not I’m studying sports science which I guess is equally competitive and does relate. I’m glad your liking it!

  2. I loved this post! I18 and still dont fully know what I want to be! I have a blog post coming up about it soon xx
    P.s I love the little line at the top that says “living the life you love”

  3. Really enjoyed this post! I have been thinking about where and who I want to be a lot recently because I’m in my final year of University. You’re very right, we can be whoever it is we want to be ☺

    Ashlee | ashleemoyo.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Hey i tagged you on The Blogger Recognition award. If you wanna participate go to my post and see the rules :-). I think your blog is absolutely goregous.

  5. I loved reading this post 😊 Passions definitely change, and how we envision our lives also changes. & I think it’s important to welcome change and to see it as a positive rather than being fixated on how that things didn’t go as planned . Couldn’t agree with you more! x

  6. I loved reading this and totally agree to follow your heart. I’m in year 12, with NO IDEA.. STILL what i want to do. But going with the flow, and seeing which options float my boat! Haha! I feel like it is almost fate and you will always find a way of finding the perfect career, for you. It’s great that your enjoying the experience though, I guess that’s really all that matters right now until you know what you want to end up in! x

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