A Look Back on my Year

As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 slowly creeps up on us. I thought it was about time that I did a reflection on my year. Although 2016 has been labeled as an horrendous year, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking back at all the amazing things I’ve done. Although I’ve had various low times It’s been great to see how much I’ve grown throughout the year. I am totally a different person ending this year than I was starting, I’m so proud of the changes I’ve made and the person I’ve become.


In May I left school which was absolutely terrifying. I felt no where near old enough to be away from full time education, out in the big wide world by myself. I Stepping into adult hood was scary, but now 7 months later I don’t really feel much different. Of course I miss the school days but equally I’m enjoying life now. I’ve been lucky to have so many amazing memories at school and I look forward to making more out of school.


I got the opportunity to go to the Wimbledon Middle Sunday Centre Court, for those of you that don’t quite know what it is, basically due to all bad weather (quite common here in England) a lot of games got postponed so they have to have a extra day of matches. I was lucky enough to snap a pair of tickets and ended up going with my mum. Seating was based on first come first served basis,we arrived around 15 minutes before gates opened so we weren’t expecting to get good seats at all. However we when got into the court we basically had the whole choice and with the manic rush we managed to bag ourselves front row seats. This was an incredible experience and I felt so lucky to get tickets in the first place let alone be sitting in front row. We got to see Serena Williams play who Is just absolutely incredible and I idolise her so much.

July was a very busy month for me, I also had my prom. After buying my dress in April it was fair to say I was just a little bit excited. It was such a lovely way to end my way at school and spend one last night with all my friends. For me I was counting down the days to prom from the day we got the date but I know many people don’t want to go to their prom. Seriously, I would totally recommend it. Yes at schools there’s people I don’t get on with but this night wasn’t about them as cringe as I sound It was about having last night with all my friends celebrating our time together. I spent most of the time with all my best friends having fun and occasionally spoke to other people I was friendly with. But you know what, It doesn’t matter what you wear or what you look like, because honestly that was no ones focus, and I really don’t remember what anyone looked like anyway.

In summer being a teenager it was mandatory to go to a festival. This year my friends and I choose Boardmasters in Newquay. I was there from Wednesday to Monday, and despite the 7 hour coach ride it was so worth it. Newqay was the perfect location, being right by the beach was lovely, we often ended up popping down to on the days when there was no acts performing. Some of my favorite acts performed over the weekend with the bets being, Kaiser Chiefs, Catfish and the Bottle Men, Rat Boy, and Coasts. With the occasional drinking and the staying up till at least 2am every night It was fair to say that the weekend was mad. Also it was my 18th BIRTHDAY on the Saturday, which was so great to spend it with all my friends having the time of my life. Although I did miss my family I am so glad I went and couldn’t of had a better birthday.

After I got home for my 18th Birthday my mum and grandma took me to London to see the Lion King on the West-end. The Last time we saw this I was six, so as you can imagine I can’t really remember it so I was eager to see it again. I must say I loveee the West-end, whenever we go it’s always for a special occasion which just makes it that little bit better. Lion King was definitely my all time favourite show and would urge everyone to see it. The dancing and singing is just incredible, you will not be disappointed.

Septemeber was the start of a fresh and exciting adventure for me. I started University and was thrown into living with 9 strangers, a high work load and learning how to survive by myself. Although everything seemed a bit crazy at first I’ve finally settled down. I’ve made some great friends that I’m sure will last a life time. Although I feel as if I have basically stepped into adulthood I’m still a child and the same little girl that left home not long ago. How can I forget, most importantly I’m having such an amazing time will the occasional drinking and partying but I’m still studying hard. (Well that’s what my parents think)

I also started my blog in September, yay! To say I’ve only been blogging for three months is a little crazy as it feels way longer than that. I’m so glad I started blogging and now I really don’t want to stop.

In November and December I had operations on my knee, now I know what your thinking. How the hell can an operation be a highlight. It’s honestly the weirdest feeling ever, I dreaded them both, I hate hospitals with a passion but at the same time I was so excited to get better. I’m now (hopefully) on the road to recovery and I can’t wait to see what next year brings with getting back to training.

I look forward to what 2017 brings and I hope it’s as good as this year. Let me know what some of your highlights of the year are.

H xxx

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing year! You look stunning in your prom photos! I hope you have an amazing time at uni, I have also made some of the best friends at uni and I can’t wait to create more memories with them, as I’m sure you will!!
    I hope you have a bigger and better year in 2017! (And congrats on your blog so far, I just started right at the end of November and reading and looking at your blog really gives me inspiration so keep going!!) x

  2. I had no idea your blog was only 3 months old! I got the impression you’d been doing this a while 🙂 I started mine in October! Good luck in the new year, there’s no doubt I’ll continue reading your stories xxxx

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