A letter to my younger self

Dear Little me,

I know things are tough and everything is a little crazy, but hang in there alright. You’ll grow up and be in a situation you never thought was possible.

Remember to have fun, life get’s stressful I know. Exams and growing up brings so much pressure to you but you won’t stay young forever. Having fun is the most important part of life. Do what the hell you want. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy but stick at it. Remember the good times you’ve had as a kid and reminisce. It’s only when you’re older you wish you could go back to those days where you had no care in the world and everything is great. Appreciate these times, just don’t grow up too fast.

Concentrate on your real friends rather than the number of friends. Yes I know it’s great to be popular, the more friends the more likes on social media, the more parties you go to. But trust me you’ll grow older and these people will mean absolutely nothing to you. All those years growing up, having the time of your life. Don’t get me wrong you’re having a great time with them all but just realise your true friends now. If someone constantly talks to you about others, then their probably talking about you to others too. If you feel like you cant trust someone then don’t. Learning your true friends is such an important lesson, not everyone is who you think they are, but don’ worry you do have a couple of great friends.

Heartbreaks hurt, whether it’s a boyfriends or a best friend losing someone special sucks. I know you, and I know you’re such a crier. Just don’t waist those tears, you’ll get over it and in a few years your laugh about it. At the time it’s the worst thing in the world, but please don’t get yourself too worked up about it. Things hurt but everything will turn out just fine.

It’s ok to be selfish. Growing up is all about exploring yourself, learning about you. Sometimes you have to put you first. Of course I thought about myself, I mean I thought about how I wanted to look, act and what I wanted to do. But none of this was really for myself, I spent so long aiming to please others I actually never really thought about myself. I wish I concentrated on me just a little bit. Remember that you are important and you are great the way you are. Start doing things for you, because you want to. Don’t let what other people think stop you. Getting paranoid about what others think about you is such a huge thing. But why are you letting them bother you. Half of them your hardly know and it’s not like you’ll going to know them in a few years away.

Appreciate your family. Your parents hate you, they stop you having fun, they are so overprotective I know that’s how you feel. They only have your best interest at heart. Hating on them isn’t going to change anything, It will just make everything worse. They love you so much, just remember that.. Just be a little nicer and appreciate them a little more. Looking back now I’m so glad my parents stopped me from doing things, I would much rather they controlled what I did rather than not caring and letting me do anything.

Life really doesn’t go the way you planned, even looking back one year ago I would never of imagined my life to be the way it now is. I wasn’t upset with my life at the time but looking back I’m disappointed in who I was and I know I wasn’t my happiest. Remember you’re always learning more and more and you will alawys be growing.

Be strong and be yourself,

Lots of love H xxx

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