Winter Walks OOTD

I love this time of year, for me it’s the perfect time to go and enjoy the outside.  Although it’s a little chilly, grab a scarf and a thick coat and you’ll be good to go. There’s something about walking in the cold air that just makes it feel so refreshing, there’s no feeling quite like it. The outdoors at this time of year is beautiful, most of the leaves have fallen, filling the ground with an array of colours. Since I was a kid I’ve always loved kicking the leaves up with my feet, for some reason I’m so entertained by this. Empty trees can look so simple yet lovely against a clear sky.

This is one of my favourite outfits at this time of year. I feel so cosy yet I still love my outfit and don’t feel like I’m covered in layers. My favourite fashion accessory during this season has to be a scarf, a scarf can seriously transform any outfit and makes such a standout item. I got this scarf last year and it was surprisingly from Tescos. When I saw it I couldn’t believe it, I had never brought any clothes from Tesco and would of never of thought about getting anything there.

A winter hat is such an essential, this is actually the first hat I’ve got and I love it. I also labelled myself as an ‘egg’ when I wore a hat, but I’ve actually been loving this one. It keeps my ears so cosy and honestly makes such a difference to my warmth. I got this one from ASOS and it only cost £3. I’m so egaer to get some others and try out some bolder styles.

This bag is perfect for exploring, you can pull out the sides to make it bigger or have it this size. Rucksacks are not only so in right now but so useful, seriously no other bag is as easy to carry. I can get whatever I want in it making it an esstential every time I leave the house. This one I snapped up in the Urban Outfitters sale for only £10, I was so over the moon with it and have worn it non stop since I got it.


Walking is one of the most underrated things, it’s so refreshing and so good for you. The beauty of the outdoors is incredible and I would urge so many more people to go out and explore whats around them. I just can’t get enough of the outdoors, the cool breeze in my face and the sounds of birds and winds around me is one of the most magical feelings.I love the city but I equally love getting away from it and surrounding myself with nature.

My boyfriend is very much enjoying the perk of a girlfriend blogger and is loving the amount of photos I take of him.

After living in Joni jeans fort the past how many years I’ve finally ventured on to Cain. These are honestly life changing. They are so comfy and such a great fit, high waisted is a serious must for me (hence my obsession with joni). These jeans are such great quality they barely fade and are so much thicker than my joni jeans. Honestly such a revolution.

This vintage Levis jacket actually use to be my dads and he very kindly gave it to me. I was always worried it would be too big, but it’s perfect to layer on top of thick jumpers making the perfect combo this time of year. I love wearing this with black jeans and I’m yet to venture into the double denim.

He’s living in a 12 year old body and like any boy can’t reist climbing still.

For all of you that keep wrapped up warm under a blanket watching movies this season, I urge you to get outside even if it’s just once. Visit somewhere you have never been before and make more use of this beautiful world we have been given. Take advantage of what we have because one day we might not be so lucky.

H xxx

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  1. I try to get out as much as possible to enjoy nature during the winter months, although I absolutely can’t stand being cold. While your outfit looks very stylish and cute, I would freeze to death if I went for a walk wearing that!

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