Winter Wonderland Adventure

As we are finally getting well into December and the Christmas spirit I thought it was the perfect time to finally get down to doing this post. For those of you that don’t live in the UK Winter Wonderland is a massive German style market with hundreds of rides and attractions. It’s completely free to get in so such a great excuse to go in and soak up the Christmas atmosphere. However I warn you that everything in there is incredibly expensive it’s hard to spend a long time there unless you want to be spending a bomb. I ate before I went but the food looked incredible and I wish I could of got some. So be warned for plently of pictures.

Going in the evening is in my mind the best experience for anyone. Everything is lit up and looks so magical making the area look 10x more festive.

There is every single stall you can think of, food, treats, crafts and the classic funfair games stalls, I was so tempted to buy some more Christmas decorations but I sadly think I’ve got more than enough. These were my favorite however they were so expensive my boyfriend and I only tried two of them and to our disappointment we didn’t win anything


However, he still wanted to classic my boyfriend won me a teddy, so he kind of cheated and did the hook a bag to win me this little guy.

The decorations everywhere were incredible, this was my first time visiting and I was absolutely blown away by everything. The amount of detail and effort is unimaginable. The outside of this bar was one of my favourties. The inside was blasting with chirstmas songs or classic old songs. Such a great atmosphere. I would of loved to stop there and have a couple of drinks but it was far too busy for me.

Let me know if you have visited or plan on visiting soon!

Lots of Love H xxx

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