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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I’ve been obsessed with trying many beauty boxes to try and find my perfect one. Now if you haven’t seen the Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix where have you been? It’s been all over the blogging world the last week, and it’s fair to say it’s seriously worth all the hype.

The beauty boxes I’ve been getting retail at £10 + postage, this service is just as good and cost me absolutely nothing! The way the Pick ‘n’ Mix works is that you pick 5 products that you want and pay £3.95 for postage. Now I know you thinking hang on I thought it was free. Well you once you receive your box you get £3.95 of your next purchase at feel unique. Feel Unique has every brand that you wan’t high street or high end, such as Benefit, L’Oreal Paris or Laura Mercier. Therefor I think I’m highly likely to use it!

Now this is what I got.

1. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss

At £12.50 for 4.5ml  feek as if 2.5ml was a generous sample size and the product itself looks full sized. I got the shade Maverick, which looks to be a perfect dark nude. However when I used it it’s got glitter in it, which is not really my thing, but I’ve still tried to wear it a few times. The get the most out of it I tend to wear it over a lip liner, this helps intensify the colour and make it last longer. I must say the taste of this is AMAZING. May sound a little weird but It tastes exactly like after eight mints to me, and I love that. This product has good coverage and is a lovely colour just a shame about the sparkles.

2. he-shi Day to Day Gradual Tan

This one jumped out at me due to its size, I mean would I rather a 10ml sample or a 50ml sample? This retails at £10.30 for 200ml. I’ve been using this for a few days and I feel as If I am getting a gradual tan. The tan is very natural and more of a brown shade than a orange shade which is perfect. The only downside to this is the smell, the classic fake tan you get with every product, I suppose this can’t be helped.

3. St Tropez Gradual Shower Tan

This was another 50ml product which means I get so may uses out of it! This product retails at £10 for 200ml. I was so eager to try this and tanning could be put into my everyday routine easily. However I am quite disappointed by this product and I feel as if it doesn’t make that much difference. It smells nice and has a great consistency but I don’t really see a change even after using it for a few days.

4. Thalgo Source Marine Perfect Glow Primer

This sample is slightly smaller at only 2ml, however I have got quite a few uses out of this. This retails at £24.95 for 30ml. The product itself was great, it provides me with a perfect smooth base for my foundation. It’s moisturizing but doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I felt that my foundation stayed on a lot longer when I used this. This primer is great and I have no criticisms about it.

5. Nude by nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation

This has got to be my favorite product I received, the size is great and I’ve got many uses out of it. This retails at £22.50 for 10g. I like to apply this over my current liquid foundation for full coverage. This makes me skin look amazing and covers imperfections so well. The foundation isn’t cakey aand feels so lightweight on my skin. There was only two colors to pick from so I was worried that It wouldn’t match but it matches perfectly. I love this product.

H xxx

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