Love Me Beauty Box Review

This month I decided to go for the Love Me Beauty Box after being disappointed by other boxes I had tried. The idea of this box is great, you select you preferences and then based on this the company recommend products to you. You get given 60 credits each month and can then choose what products you would like to get. Most products are 10-20 credits, so you often end up with either 4 or 5 products. All the products are mini but unlike other boxes I recognized all of the brands! What I don’t like about other beauty boxes, is receiving skin care products, I much prefer having beauty products. Being able to pick my own products was perfect for me.

I think this is only available in the UK which is a shame, but I’m sure there are other boxes like this. After reading other reviews it seems that many people have issues with processing orders or delivery. I had absolutely no issues with my order and I received it within 5 days.


What I love about this is that you get your products in a bag! Whenever I get a box I don’t use it and it just sits on my shelf., but this bag is perfectly sized to take my makeup essentials with me when I’m away for a few days. I would pick a bag over a box any day.

Bare minerals Lash Domination Mascara: Full size RRP £19

I was so disappointed with this product. I had heard a lot of things about bare minerals so was eager to try this mascara. The mascara has the potential to be great, being marketed as a 10 in 1 it seems amazing. The brush is the type of brush I love, so I couldn’t wait to try it. I found the downfall on the actual mascara, it seemed to have a watery texture making it clump and smudge easy. Lengthening was definitely something this mascara did, but It didn’t seem to add volume, making it more of a day time look. This is nothing compared to my holy grail mascara Urban Decay Perversion which is also cheaper!

BareMinerals SkinLongevity: Full Size RRP £45

This products is AMAZING, my skin feels so soft and healthy even after a few uses. I apply this when I go to bed and when I wake up, however in the mornings I can feel slightly tacky when I apply my makeup on top. This product is full of so many natural ingredients such as California Poppy and Long life herb. I was convinced I wanted to buy the full size but after seeing the price I didn’t quite won’t to break the bank! Overall I love this product but I doubt I will be purchasing it due to the price.

EcoTools 1218 Mini Essentials RRP £6

These brushes are so cute and the perfect travel essentials! Although they are small they are super easy to use. The larger brush is incredibly soft and I have found works best to apply my blush,. I get a even coverage and great colour pick up, The angled brush is great for applying gel eyeliner, its firm to get great precision but also soft enough not to hurt the eye. The eye shadow brush is also so soft but is a little smaller than other brushes I have. Due to the size I find this brush perfect for my inner corner highlight or a slight bit of colour on my lower lash line.

Kat Von D ‘Ink Liner’ liquid eyeliner: Full size RRP £16

After the hype of the Kat Von D products hitting the UK market two months ago, I have no stop heard about them. I picked the black colour trooper which is the only colour  I would ever use. I was slightly disappointed  with this product, I mean it’s good but it isn’t great. The thin pen application is perfect in making it easy to apply. I find the colour does start to fade after a few hours of wear which is disappointing. There’s many cheaper eyeliner such as the L’oreal superliner

I really enjoyed this beauty box, It was great to be able to pick my own beauty products so I knew exactly what I was getting. However I do love the surprise of not knowing what you get, so I found this one slightly boring. Overall I love this box and would totally recommend to anyone

Lots of Love H xx

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