My favourite Autumn OOTD

Today was finally my first day being able to walk without crutches since my surgery last week. I feel like a young birds that’s fled their mothers nest for the first time. I honestly took walking for granted. Not being able to do anything for yourself is horrible, I had to rely on others for everything. I just felt so incapable (now this is not the point of this post, so I’ll swfitly move on).


I am far from being fashion forward and especially with my knee injury its been restricting in what I can wear, jeans are no longer a option. I have to wear loser clothes, but I’ve found my self in love with these culottes . As well as looking great they also feel great, so comfy and light. (Zara £22)


Light pink is definitely not what I would of classified as a Autumn colour but EVERYONE seems to be loving it at the moment! Pairing the light pink with a plain colour works great and still gives off a fall look.


Now to my disappointment with my knee I’ve had to ditch the heeled boots this season. I came across these little gems in my local sainsbury, I snapped these up for £35.

Poppy Deyes and Zoella made the whole throwing leaves thing look about 10x easier.


This scarf is last years from primark, for £5 you can’t say no!! I love how big it is, making it so cosy for these colder months.


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  1. What’s your twitter!? I’ve been trying to find it! Love this post, your fashion is amazing! I read a comment you made on someone’s blog about health and fitness. Just wanted to chat to you a Lil more about this see if you have any tips!! Love your blog 🙂 xxx

  2. It must have been so awful, not being able to do anything…glad you are back on your feet. Love the combination,you are just adding beauty to the beautiful ensemble dear. Wishing you a speedy recovery to normalcy 🙂

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