Camden Market


One of my favorite places in London has to be Camden Market. It’s a must visit to me, full of so many exciting and interesting things that can’t be missed.


One of the best things to me has to be the food!!! There’s so many different varieties and all of it is so great!! I couldn’t help but pick a few bites to eat.




This orange juice is absolutely INSANE, so fresh!!


The stalls are full of such wonderful things and are so great to just browse around.










H xxx

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  1. Aw I just loved this post! It brought me right back to there. Whenever I visit London (i’m from Australia) this is one of the places I HAVE to go to. You even have a photo of the donut stall – they are the best donuts EVER. I remember getting a fudge brownie one which was incredible. Just found your blog and am loving having a little browse through it! Holly x

    1. Thank you for popping by! I’m glad you are enjoying. Unfortunately I’ve never had one of the donuts, I always go for the crepes, but next time I go up I will have to try one now!

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